Three G

Gentles NPCs

Individuals of note and power, the lords and ladies dictate the play of politics between districts. Most, if not all, have a territory; many have a gang. These are the crust on the sewage of London Under. Call on them at your own risk.

Gangs PCs

For the most part, gangs roam freely throughout London Under. Their territory is a question of prey or skill, rather than land. A mudlark wouldn't dream of embarking on a spot of dreaming, for example, and only a ratspeaker with a deathwish would attempt the work of a White. Most gangs claim fealty to a gentle, and thus the politics of the cream trickles down into the scum.


Guardians are apart and above politics. Great totem spirits, they protect and patrol the two halves and twenty-five wards that make up the city. If you believe in that sort of thing.

Squeak and Daisy of the Varmints, photo by Tom Garnett,

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