The Waiters run the Floating Market. They have no political or moral bias, nor any views on anything. They are just there to ensure the Market happens, somehow, somewhere, and that everyone attending is able to conduct their business in whatever way they wish. They can carry messages, witness weavings, and confirm an unfortunate demise.

The Waiters are also referred to by the ignorant as 'refs'.

If you have a question before the Market takes place, please mark it 'London Under query' and send it to lisscm at gmail.com. If you have a question during the Market, or need to undertake any order of business which might require their witness, please look for the people dressed as waiters (black trousers, shirt and waistcoat). They can most often be found at the bar.

Market Waiters

Liss likes stories. Really, really likes them. In almost any media. Rules take a definite back-seat to cool storytelling, as far as she's concerned. The concentration of imaginations in roleplay is her equivalent of getting drunk (although if you're offering a glass of ginger wine, she'll take that too). She also likes London, and history. This game was, to some extent, inevitable.

Systems: Treasure Trap, Lorien Trust, Disturbing Events

Ben has been heavily involved in LARP for over twenty years, variously as a storyteller, ref, player and NPC type stuff. He's at his happiest hiding in a wardrobe with a shotgun and some port, dressed in tweed and wondering whether it’s safe to make a break for the smoking area. He used to be pretty good at lying but has given it up.

Systems: Dark Door Cthulhu, Disturbing Events, Labyrinthe, Lorien Trust, Maelstrom, Treasure Trap, Vampire UK Camarilla, Vampire UK Masquerade

Nick likes to have ideas and then get other people to actually make them happen. He started talking about the strange absence of a London-based Neverwhere-themed LARP to Liss in a pub one evening. This is the result.

Systems: Treasure Trap, Lorien Trust, System Override, Omega, Kingship, The Company of Crimson, Crooked House, Maelstrom, Disturbing Events, Sailing Under Articles, Shadow Wars, Rockets Rayguns & Really Nice Tea, Outcast, Empire

Ruth has been larping for more than fifteen years, as a player, NPC and ref across a bunch of systems. She may have spent a lot of time nagging Nick to play Brighton Below, but takes no responsibility for what has happened since!

Systems: Empire, Lorien Trust, Brighton Below, Serenity

Thanks to…

  • Simon Tresadern for sharing the rules system from Brighton Below and granting permission to change them
  • My co-conspirators for the support, ideas bouncing and sanity checks
  • The NPC team for giving up their time and mental health to make players' lives interesting
  • Tom Garnett (www.tgarnett.com) for the photos
  • Ross Knill-Macarthur for technical genius
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