Past Markets

Hosted by the Wardmote and King Rat

  • Ned Tompion, the Queen of Clocks' chief bodyguard, was found dead in the river the day before the market. It was eventually discovered that a member of the Neon Court, Ruby Corday, had been employed by someone to assassinate him for reasons unknown. He was killed by an unknown poison. Ruby Corday was arrested by the Wardmote and now awaits trial.
  • Father Abbott passed away peacefully, although the members of his gang suffered a heart attack due to their links of fealty. Cordelia Fairhurst was appointed his successor as leader of the gang, and given a new purpose - to find and guard the pieces of the Map of Evers. She does not, however, have gentle status.
  • It was discovered that the Baron of the Ekstasis was behind the death of various pubs and nightclubs around the city, via something called Progress. The title deeds to the properties that the Baron owns (via a private company called Goldenrod Ltd) have now gone missing during a mysterious attack on his lawyer's office.
  • A German scientist called Rudolph Osenburg successfully created a brand new Opening. Unfortunately it sucked through Stanford Tyburn, a senior member of the Gap, in the process. Tyburn is currently believed to be in either Berlin Nicht or Dresden Dunkel.
  • Blind Justice ruled in favour of the Tideways controlling the new Super Sewer.

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Hosted by the Tideways and Mama Thames

  • An election was held for a new gentle to take Father Abbott’s place on the Court of Arches, run by Mr. Secretary. The candidates for election were Cord from the Black Friars, Jack from the Ghillie Dhu and Gull from the Imperial Meritocracy of Seagulls. Madame Tussaud from the Ekstasis entered her candidacy later, with the declared intention of then toppling the Baron from his position as Ekstasis gentle. The final votes were 1 to Cord, 2 to Jack, 3 to Madame Tussaud and 5 to Gull. Another election – this time for two seats – will be necessary shortly (see below).
  • Ruby Corday and Preston of the Neon Court were turned to dust by a ritual, commissioned by the Queen of Clocks, in revenge for the murder of the Queen’s bodyguard, Ned Tompion.
  • Ash of the Ghillie Dhu launched a hostile takeover of the Baron’s legal firm, Goldenrod Ltd, which was responsible for handling all the property deals of buildings killed by Progress. In retaliation, the Baron ordered one of his gang to get rid of the dryad. Ash was poisoned, but healed. The Ghillie Dhu and Sacred Circle of Muswell Hill declared war on the Ekstasis, but then negotiated it down to the culprits being handed over for execution. (The Varmints declared war on the Ekstasis over the use of Progress at the end of the 2014 Floating Market).
  • The Ghillie Dhu, assisted by Leuco Oak (Charles Oak’s son, unexpectedly returned from exile in Berlinnicht), worked out that their gentle was personally responsible for both Dutch Elm Disease and the Horse Chestnut Blight that has killed hundreds of their trees. They plan to topple Charles and replace him with Leuco.
  • The Serpentine – an ancient sea creature responsible for the sinking of Atlantis, and bound by the Angel Islington and Mama Thames beneath London ever since – was woken from its enchanted sleep by Gigi of the Neon Court and Wick Tyburn of the Gap. Flood waters began to rise. Rats and gentles left the city, with the exception of the Earl of the Gap who refused to go. Islington’s Pin – a feather from Islington’s wing – was bound into Gull and a new guardian of the city was made, the Emperor Seagull. This granted him Islington’s knowledge of the Serpentine. Emperor Seagull, Mama Thames, the Bondsman of the Arches, Wandsworth of the Whites, and Wren of the Ghillie Dhu then sacrificed themselves in a blood rite conducted by Wick Tyburn to put the Serpentine back to sleep and save the city from watery destruction.

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1. Blind Justice and Neighbourhood Watch outside the Jerusalem Tavern, photo by Liss Macklin
2. Brother Whit Edmund Chapel of the Black Friars in the courtyard of the Candid Arts Warehouse, photo by Tom Garnett,

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