Getting Around

London A-Z

No one's ever bothered writing a London Under A-Z. What would be the point, after all? Tourists are rare and usually referred to as 'prey'. The only real use a London A-Z can serve is to get you to what you hope is the corresponding area Above. After that, you're on your own.

Native Guide

The most expensive and reliable option of navigating London Under. Just make sure you've read up on your gangs before you accidentally hire an Ekstasis. The Floating Market is the best place for finding a good guide at competitive rates. Now you just need to find the Market…

River Crossing

You can ride the River Fleet to Blackfriars without much trouble. If you wish to cross the Thames, either by ferry or bridge, you must pay a troll for the privilege.

Tube Ticket

For the connoisseur with an appointment. If you are expected at a gentle's place of residence, and have a valid Tube ticket to that station, then you can get off on the opposite side of the train to the platform and reach your destination. If you aren't expected, you'll look like an idiot who just walked into a door.

Leaving London Under

The train to Brighton Below leaves once a day from Necropolis Station. From there, it is possible to get a ship to Germany, for Berlinnicht or Dresden Dunkel.

Cannon Bridge of the Tideways, photo by Liss Macklin

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