Floating Market

Trading at the Market

The Floating Market is the hub that brings London Under society together. This is where you can buy and sell anything you can imagine, and a few more things besides. Thugs and spies can be hired, secrets whispered and jobs brokered. The lost can be searched for, and arrangements can be agreed upon for the annoyingly present to become mislaid.

It's rare that anyone actually has a stall, however. That would be both crass and unwieldy. The denizens of London Under know what to look for and who to approach for their desired ends. In the market for dreams? Find somebody with one black hand. Need a spell painted? Listen for the rattle of aerosol cans. Need a body, or disposal for one? Follow the smell of lavender.

There's no money, of course. Coins are worthless in London Under - all trade is done though bartering. For the common stuff - trinkets such as candles, bottles, pocket knives - it's usually a question of items. There's no real standard for exchange between categories - it's up to the traders in each deal, and how much they want what the other is offering. For the bigger things - spells, brews, weavings, etc. - the currency is favours. Small for small, big for big and massive for massive. But owing too many favours is dangerous, and owing any can get you into all manner of trouble.ɸ

But then, trouble is what you come to the Market for. Or 'politics', to give it another name. The first to hear a rumour or find a secret is the first to act, and the first to act can mean great power. Or death. It's always something of a gamble. What is life without thrill, after all? The shadows of the Underside are the perfect lighting for an intimate dance of mystery and leverage. Step lightly.

The Floating Market is held wherever the tide of London Above ebbs for a few hours - bars, basements, office blocks or boats. Sometimes there's food and drink, sometimes there isn't (although it's never advisable to ask where the meat comes from). Sometimes there's the rare luxury of daylight and sometimes it's a more familiar gloom. Only two things never change. The first is the need for discretion - London Above isn't in on the secret, so keep the comings and goings as quiet as possible, and remove any evidence at the end. The second is the Market Waiters.

Contact the Waiters

The Waiters run the Floating Market. They have no political or moral bias, nor any views on anything. They are just there to ensure the Market happens, somehow, somewhere, and that everyone attending is able to conduct their business in whatever way they wish. They can carry messages, witness weavings, and confirm an unfortunate demise.

The Waiters are also referred to by the ignorant as 'refs'.

If you have a question before the Market takes place, please mark it 'London Under query' and send it to lisscm at gmail.com. If you have a question during the Market, or need to undertake any order of business which might require their witness, please look for the people dressed as waiters (black trousers, shirt and waistcoat).

ɸ OOC NOTE: For more details on trading please refer to the Trading section of the rules. All players are recommended to bring along some items which they can use as trade at the game. We suggest bringing worthless or cheap items which you don't mind losing, just in case. At the end of the game, a table will be used as a returns table. Please take all items back to that table and reclaim your own.

Cannon Bridge of the Tideways and Leuco Oak of the Ghillie Dhu conduct a weaving rite, whilst Mr. Secretary of the Court of Arches, Sugar of the Neon Court and Tilda Morrow of the Wardmote look on, photo by Tom Garnett, www.tgarnett.com

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