Character Creation

London Under is intended to be, above all, a character-driven game. In order to do that, the more detail you give in your character creation and background, the better the game will cater to your particular interests. The first and most important part of the character generation process is the concept. Who is the character? What are they called? What do they do? Who do they support? How did they end up in London Under in the first place? PC characters may not be genuine historical characters, or characters taken from known works of fiction, but they may be regular Undersiders who have delusions they are these people. Once you’ve got this part all worked out then you can progress to character generation.

1. Talk to the Waiters about your base concept. Send them a paragraph with an idea of the type of powers, politics and character you'd like to play.

2. The Waiters will get back to you with some suggestions that fit your concept and would give you plot hooks.

3. Complete a detailed character background and resubmit for a final check. This background should consider the following questions:

  • Significant relationships (living, dead or MIA)
  • Significant life events
  • Gang, fealty and/or territory
  • Where they live
  • Reason for attending the Market
  • Any existing problems or enemies
  • One thing they love
  • One thing they fear
  • One thing they regret
  • One thing they hope for
  • One thing that makes them angry
  • One goal for the future

4. Based on that submission, the Waiters will either clear your character for play or contact you again for some final tweaks.

5. Find kit.

6. Profit!

Gull of Brighton Below, later known as the guardian Emperor Seagull and short-lived gentle of the Imperial Meritocracy, photo by Tom Garnett,

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