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Player List

Player Character Gang/Gentle Player Character Gang/Gentle
1 Rob Wilcox Cannon Bridge Tideways 25 Tom Roe Leuco Oak Ghillie Dhu
2 Will Moore Neighbourhood Watch Wardmote 26 Rob Whitford Vhorsa Black Friars
3 Erica Wilcox Cinnabar Tideways 27 Joe Jackson China Costermonger's Guild
4 Martin Cutbill Peter Leyton Whites 28 Lynsey Brooks Wren Ghillie Dhu
5 Stephen McGreal Nigel Walker The Gap 29 CJ Hooper Carnaby Varmints
6 Francesca Kilpatrick Sugar Neon Court 30 Alasdair Watson Wandsworth Whites
7 Alex Ward Mama Thames Tideways 31 Miranda Brennan Bill Stickers Whites
8 Gary Blake Ash Ghillie Dhu 32 Lex Head Mornington The Gap
9 Rachel Cook Linne Tideways 33 Gwen O Fearghail Rebecca Green Whites
10 Dan Banks Harold 'Steptoe' Albert Tideways 34 Ben Meredith Soho Ken Neon Court
11 Kate Evans Squint Black Friars 35 Nick Julius 12 Steps Sacred Circle of Muswell Hill
12 Emily Skipper-Willmore Miss Thompson The Gap 36 Lloyd Gyan Kit 'Macavity' Karney Costermonger's Guild
13 Ella Bellew Denmark Street Varmints 37 Abigail Beardshaw Nora Wardmote
14 Will Segerman Gull Brighton Below 38 James Osborn Mr. Secretary Council of Arches
15 Jon Pam Wick Tyburn The Gap 39 Lex Celnik Zero Cool Whites
16 Jules Fattorini Blind Justice Council of Arches 40 Gemma Finnigan Madame Tussaud Ekstasis
17 Al Bevan Rudolph Osenburg Tideways 41 Tom Garnett Big Brother The Gap
18 Bren O'Leary Jack Sacred Circle of Muswell Hill 42 Roz Horton Anya Ekstasis
19 Natalie Faulkner Cord Black Friars 43 Mark Wilkin Niko Ekstasis
20 Si Childs Nick Independent 44 John Scott Tolly Beck Neon Court
21 Tim Worters William Stanley The Gap 45 Toby Osmond Brother Whit Edmund Chapel Black Friars
22 Lolli Thei Tilda Morrow Wardmote 46 Tim Lewis Victor Riggs Sacred Circle of Muswell Hill
23 Sophie Jarrell Squeak Varmints 47 Paul Gregory The Bondsman Council of Arches
24 Chris Goddard Gigi Neon Court 48 Nick Bradbeer Preston Neon Court
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