About The Game

Look & Feel

The world of London Under is inspired by a combination of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and Kate Griffen's Matthew Swift series - dark, grimy and somewhat fantastical. It isn't set in the past but there are strong historical elements. It isn't Steampunk but pipes, cogs and goggles are perfectly acceptable kit components. It's historically and mythically influenced urban fantasy. Graffiti is magic and train-track weeds are potion ingredients. Think the original versions of Grimm's fairytales, brought into the modern sewer-world. Think Pan's Labyrinth. Costume can be a mix of modern and historical elements; props should range from bits of rubbish to battered but beautiful.

You'll meet traders trying to earn favours by hawking reclaimed sewer goods, courtiers of the night life who want your support and possibly your territory, druids looking for adventurers to find rare ingredients, and questors in search of the Boar of London's Tusk. There are scholars in the forgotten lore of the Tube and smiths who learned their trade at Hammersmith's elbow. Smiling information-gatherers exchange trinkets for secrets and uncover the truth behind morally indefensible shadows.

What To Expect


Murder, mystery, intrigue and politics are the main themes, with a side-note in mythology and trading. Expect a high emphasis on the social aspect - working together to solve puzzles and plots, comparing notes and ferreting out secrets - and little to no combat. Fights are possible but the rules have been designed with the intention of making them short and brutal, meaning you should consider carefully whether violence is really the solution.

We will also be taking advantage of the city to do small excursions into the streets surrounding the venue. This will only be available to limited numbers at a time and will NEVER involve combat. In fact, characters going out on these excursions must leave all weaponry behind. We're not interested in getting anyone shot by the London Met.


London Under event plots will be heavily tailored to the character concepts and backgrounds of those playing. We're ideally looking for backgrounds that give you a reason to be interested in either the politics or the secrets of the Underside, but are completely open to discussion. The Waiters will work closely with every player to build a character that has plenty of hooks into the event, and then write the plots to tie in those characters. This is intended to be a character-driven LARP system.

We're happy to discuss any kind of character but, for guidance, good 'class' types are things like Thief, Urban Mage, Scholar and Trader. Characters are humans who were either born on the Underside or who fell through the cracks from the World Above. There are no undead but some non-human characters, such as a living statue or the spirit of recycling, will be considered depending on event themes and availability.


3 Things About The Underside

  • The universe is malign. The darkness is alive and it hates you. The Underside will, from time to time, actively work against you to make life… difficult. And then sometimes it won't. Luck of the draw.
  • The only law is survival of the fittest. It generally comes down to who you know - who will help you get away with it, or who will help you exact revenge. You can refer to the gentles for powerful intervention but that's seriously risky. It's best to either not get caught or ensure you're in such a position that you're not worth taking on.
  • Nothing's impossible. Magic and myth and living history are all common elements in the Underside. Don't make assumptions or rule anything out. Trust only the evidence of your own eyes.

1. Blind Justice of the Court of Arches, by Tom Garnett, www.tgarnett.com
2. St. Nick, by Tom Garnett, www.tgarnett.com
3. Sugar of the Neon Court, by Tom Garnett, www.tgarnett.com

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