Welcome to London Under

Nominated for 'Best New Larp' in the UK Larp Awards 2015


This is London Under. A world of forgotten history, where myth is real and science is magic. Where words are power and you should mind the Gap. Where politics is feudal and cut-throat, in the most literal sense. Where nothing is rubbish and rubbish is everything. This is a city of shadows and echoes and the constant drip, drip, drip of knotted pipes. A city where dreams are drugs, and the smell of 2 a.m. kebab is a siren call. The city of horse and hawk, of 25 wards and Domine Dirige Nos.

Breathe in the scent of sweat and sewage and rust, breathe deep and know yourself to be a part of it. The grease in your hair and the dirt in the folds of your skin, the leaking shoes and old newspapers holding in warmth, these are your badges of belonging. The tube ticket and aerosol paint can in your pocket are your passport and protection.

To whom do you give fealty, or will you stand alone in the dark? Are you dreamer, troll, Oak or Crow? Have you run the Night's Bridge or drunk tea with the Black Friars? Do you know the secret of Jacob's Island and have you seen the Palladium Stone?

Take a look around. Familiarise yourself with the three Gs of London Under and decide where you belong. Then we'll see how well you do.

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